Nimbus 3T incl. trailer


xx.000 for glide ratio 60!



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Schempp-Hirth Nimbus 3T 22/25,5 m built in 1983, Serial. nr.2, Werk nr. 44 for sale.

Total 1600 h, 535 starts

Engine 48 timer

5y prop and engine checks performed in June 2010

ARC valid until 4/6-2011 - will be renewed until June 2012!

Instruments: ASI - km/h; altimeter - feet), Vario: Sage mech. vario m/s -model CVA showing also average climb! Magnetic compas, transponder mode C calibrated 2010, VHF radio.

2 x 7 Ah avionic batteries. 1 x 14 Ah engine batterie.

LX 7007 pro IGC + remote control on stick, voice modul, Flarm, additional LCD display.


New gelcoat on wings and fuselage in 2000.

Tow release (CG) overhauled by Tost 2010

New Gadringer safety belts 2010

Dust covers and all weather covers

Trailer: Spindelberger und Strasser (Cobra) 1983, alu top and bottom.

Towout gear (tail dolly, wing-dolly, wingstand)

Price for glide ratio 60 incl. sustainer engine: EUR xx.000























































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